Research on features of London(Oct 10th&11th)

[London, the centre of Art, Fashion or almost everything in UK, why not make my own experience into a project?] This is what I thought before I went on taking these photos in the city. In order to distinguish them from tourist pics,  I chose the subjects deliberately, for sure not Big Ben or Buckingham Place, but features that recall your memory and vision of London.

After taking the photos, I chose two of my favourite to paint, Underground and Reflection. I felt quite satisfied with them at first, but as soon as I put them on the studio wall, I noticed the problem of their flatness and stillness. Partly because of my unskilled brushstrokes (especially for the underground one) , and partly due to they are just copies of photos, there is little excitement and power on the surface. I might have focused too much on the pictorial elements to express what I  saw, but not what I felt and why I thought they are interesting as subjects reflecting London. This experience let me start thinking about other methods of expression.