From Soil to Pigment

I learnt from my classmates about how to make your own pigment, from soil, carbon, ceramics, or rocks.

-Prepare soil(maybe in various colours), ceramics, carbon

-Crush them into powder and filter, repeat the process

-By burning the powder, colour will turn into a darker tone.

35(2) 35(3) 35(4) 35(5)


Japanese Paper Making Exhibition

The exhibition piece was inspired by a rock I saw in the forest behind school. The pattern and texture of the rock is very similar to the carbon paper sample I made, so I decided to use carbon paper as the material to imitate the rock as my final piece.

I collected some leaves to fill the ball shape paper that I made, with a whole enabling leaves pouring out of the ball onto the gallery floor.



The piece looks totally different in nature, since paper comes from nature, it makes sense to ‘return’ it back.


Other works from the exhibition