Explore and paint!


I was surprised to find that the system of things here is quite similar to Chelsea’s, with no project or brief for the third year. Tutors are in school three days a week, crit is held every month, we have to manage our own time to do projects.

As new concepts hasn’t come to me yet, I decided to go around the forest behind school to get some inspirations. In UK, I usually get inspiration from my old work or from other artists’ concepts; but here, the ideas comes from the view I see, with less thoughts about the content behind it, comparing to the past, the work that I’m going to make is more straight forward and simple, probably more about the vision than content.

I haven’t done a ‘proper painting’ since the university, as what I focused is the conceptual side of a work; picking up the painting brush again became difficult for me, I would hesitate how to make a straight line or how to use colours technically. But these difficulties are great leisure, doing a good painting ┬áis never an easy thing since there is no standard for the word ‘good’. I kept questioning myself ‘ is this going to be a good painting? Does it have to be good?’ during the process of painting, self-judgement and finding an answer for myself is the aim of make these paintings, what I lack now is what I’m going to reinforce in the future. Thus, these paintings are not about the subject or colour, but my exploration and question of ‘what to paint’.

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