Table White from Nov.5th to Nov.11th

The ongoing project of Table White passing around the school

I left it with a Lee Kye Sung in CG11(BA Fine Art 1st Year), as he basically works with painting, the table has been used as a palette tester. Before Lee starting applying paints to the canvas, he tests colours on this table. Different from last week’s experience, it is used as a tool here instead of part of someone’s work.

Lee tests colours before painting

Colour mixing in a bowl







Table in the studio

Except colours which has been splashed or tested on the table, some words(poem?)has been written on the table, Lee says it’s done by someone else in the studio, thus the table has been treated as a normal table for graffiti too. Not only a palette tester, or a planting pot.

Words written on the table:                                                                                Nothing, nothing, nothing, I have nothing to say. I get ? to ? on this table XXXX



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