Painting Now-Five contemporary artists


I went to this painting exhibition at Tate, it is interesting to see as five artists showed various sides and interpretation of painting in the contemporary world, it is clear that five of them are strongly different from each other using the same medium—Painting.

1. Tomma Abts: The act of painting is ‘a concrete experience anchored in the material I am handling’.

2. Simon Ling: The act of painting being an event about time and emotional connection and response.

3. Lucy McKenzie: Painting is a tool, or a means to an end.

4. Catherine Story: The subject of paintings can be located in the strangeness of looking at things and what happens when this is translated through painting.

5. Gillian Carnegie:’I prefer to consider the painting as a thing in the world rather than the painting as a picture of things in the world’

I especially like Gillian Carnegie’s paintings, as her paintings seems to have undeclared meaning behind that evokes my personal emotions, the ambiguous feeling of looking at familiar subject presented in an unfamiliar way (use of colour and cropped picture)


-Medium scale, non abstract or figurative, texture on the surface creates interesting visual effect



-Depiction of urban scenes, cropped images which look like random photo shots or the view you can see while in a moving car, use of fluorescent colour highlights the whole image, make the urban scenes not so ‘dull’



-Paintings pined on boards like how they present in artist’s studio/super-realist painting of pined boards, connection with interior design, painted architecture


-Solid forms, still life but kind of indicates another form



-Choice of subject are from everyday life, strong mysterious atmosphere in terms of black, white, grey colour and cat figures

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