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“It is the Tischmatten that lie, or rather hang-simply, in the time mentioned closest to my heart.”

I found this book in the library about Dieter Roth’s Tischmatten (Edited by Barry Rosen), the comment on both Roth’s work as well as the 20th century trend of ready-made art is very valuable to read

“Artists of 20th century, discovered the artistic value of the most simple by-products our civilization. Newspaper cutting, tickets, bottle dryers and toilet towels were organized as art works. All these trends became movements toward the end of the fifties and the beginning of sixties.

Dieter’s work forms the core of his self-conception and his principle of art. Through constant self-reference the artist gives the presence of his own existence precedence over his work.He forces the observer into a state of constant uncertainty, intangibility alienation and speechlessness.

Roth subject his work to a process of obstruction and blurring, which is linked to favouritism towards the personal and autobiographical presence, he concentrates on the redefinition of materiality.”

About Tischmatten

-About collage and DADA /the “trap pictures “of Roth’s friend Damel Spoerri /friendship and family /art and life /Pollock and painting /recurrence of printmaking in Roth’s lace work in the form of coffee stain

-The grey cardboard means to protect the table becomes the support for a picture, a canvas and for the dirt

-At first they only presented traces of his domestic activities, in that they have captured various drips and spills, they functions as pads of cooking, eating, painting… he then took those pads from the dining table into the painting and pasting dept, where they automatically became heavily soiled and covered with spots.

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