Table White from Oct.29th to Nov.4th

As the Table White project started last week, the table has finished its journey for one week in the first MA studio from Oct 29th to Nov.5th, it was taken care by MA student Sutin Hong.

I was very very surprised to see the changes on it this week, as four panels were added to the sides, the supporting stick across the middle has been chopped off. I could almost not recognize it’s the table I made!

table White in MA studio


So I asked Sutin about the changes she made, she replied:

“….because I make sculptures, I wanted to plant a tree in the middle…”

She then drew me this sculpture plan: the table is put in a reversed way, four panels are added for keeping earth for planting, as well as the chopped off stick. She told me she give up the idea eventually since the “table pot” is not steady enough to hold the tree upright and found something else to plant in.

Sutin’s drawing for her planting sculpture

After all, this starting point is very inspiring for me, especially the things happened out of my expectation. As I told people to ‘do whatever you want to this table’ and ¬†expected them to use the table as a tool, but Sutin actually used it as part of her work in process, which gives the table more content as a background and enables it to gain more variation in short term.


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