The Birth of Table White—Statement of plan

Last year, I did many practice related to time, and there is always a time-based element in most of my work. Following my last concept of ‘table as the witness of memories’, I planed to use table as a medium to document the time I will spend in Chelsea, then I realized my own time may not get resonate responds from viewers since they are personal. Susan Hiller’s piece Delicated to the Unknown Artists inspired me again, the common memory/ time shared by a whole class, even whole school can receive more reflected views in the future. Therefore I decided to pass this table around the studios in Chelsea to enable people to recognize it all. Here,  table leads the project to carry on, I try to position it as a viewer, but not an object in the studio, the difference in interpretation about this object may leads to a new result.

Traditional interpretation for the role of table: object, still(in one place), scratch or paint left on due to human activities

↓ I plan to change it in this way

New interpretation for the role of table: witness, movable(around the school), scratch or paint left = human activities(may get to know what happened)

The beginning of this plan is rather simple, I went to the workshop to get this table done(Thanks for the help from John!) and painted it in purely white. It meant to show the table as a new born baby, as the time go by, it will eventually “receive” memories and marks from various people, and will “grow” into another appearance.


Statement of Plan:

-Time: at least three months, it would be interesting to carry it for next three years

-The table will stay in a studio for one week, and move to the next

-There will be no order when choosing the studio, I picked the first one because it’s close to where I was

-Documentation form: photos at a fixed composition, feedback from the person who used it

(The composition of photo)(Taken in BG03)

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