Wilfredo Prieto & Petra Feriancova

I found these two artists in the Frieze Art Fair catalogue this year.

Wilfredo Prieto

Prieto tries to stay himself away from traditional or historical way of making art, his use of material and method of working always change, you can’t find any limitation in his works. One of my favourite is THE MORE YOU ADD, THE LESS YOU SEE, it is part of the project called ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes” The work consists of a ball of transparent cling film, the more layers you added, the less transparent sphere became. Another piece called PAN CON PAN (BREAD WITH BREAD) is also a playful one relevant to the words. He is partial to such elegant paradoxes, and contributes to the tradition of Conceptual art in which  objects rely on artist-bestrowed titles to grant them meaning.

Prieto’s approach of using title to define the meaning of a piece is purely conceptual, he usually reduce/simplify the form to an extreme, by using ready-made object to give straight-forward idea to the viewers, thus the viewers could only focus on the object itself without any distraction from frame or shape or pictorial elements.



Petra Feriancova

The artist uses pre-existing material taken from her family’s archives, and reassembles these archives to bring contemporary context as well as to remain the intention behind original collection. “My work involving the external world has become saturated to such an extent that I decided to focus on material already accumulated.” She revisited the playground in her father’s photos in 2010 and took a series of photos, there is a quality of sensitiveness of emotion, alongside with private family archive. Her images are usually snapshots glorifying the narrative of photography but not the technical aspects.

Freriancova uses series of photos to recall certain memories, often personal, in her life. The difference between her work and tourists’ photos are the sensitive meanings she gave behind those pictures, she see them as the medium to reflect the world that she is living in, the place/view itself is less significant than the experience of her visiting.

Playground, 2010

Grand Tour, 2000



1. http://www.wilfredo-prieto.com/

2. http://www.petraferiancova.com/

3. Freize Art Fair Catalogue 2013


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